Random Talk #1

As salam w.b.t...

Hollaaa...its the morning but i'm still can't sleep. hurmmmm...maybe because there is no message or call from hubby. He is going for a few days without any connection. No handset..laptop or letter.aishhh =,= he is somewhere in the jungle...whubalakalakahuhaaa "baca dengan gaya yus maharajalawak bolehhh"

Im still at family in law's house. At 11pm,my daddy in law just come back from Indonesia for charity travel. We gathered and spent a few minutes to hear the story from him. I got a few clothes from him..tenkiuu abah for not forget your daughter in law ;)

Its still raining outside since i was here at monday. So cold. nak banjir kott.

Tonight i also spend the best quality time with family in law by watching a romantic and sad movie iaitu Mujse Dosti Karogi.uhukkk3.....my favourite genre movie is bollywood okayy..hilang sikit sedih rindu kat suami bila tengok cerita2 romantik camni sebab asyikkkkk tengok hero.ooppss ;)

Bunyi nset - tengok - baca - Tempoh sah anda akan tamat.....bla bla bla blaaa - urghhhhhhhhhhh.

Selamat malam..