I ♥ lOv3 tO be lOved by yOu

Salam buat para pembaca..

I can't believe I'm standing here 
Been waiting for so many years and 
Today I found the Queen to reign my heart

You changed my live so patiently 
And turned it into something good and real 
I feel just like I felt in all my dreams 
There are questions hard to answer 
Can't you see… 

Baby, tell me how can I tell you 
That I love you more than life 
Show me how can I show you 
That I'm blinded by your light 
When you touch me I can touch you 
To find out the dream is true 
I love to be loved by you 

You're looking kind of scared right now 
You're waiting for the wedding vows 
But I don't know if my tongue's able to talk 
Your beauty is just blinding me 
Like sunbeams on a summer stream and 
I gotta close my eyes to protect me 
Can you take my hand and lead me 
From here please..

I know they gonna say 
our love's not strong enough to last forever 
And I know they gonna say 
that we'll give up because of heavy weather 
But how can they understand 
that our love is just heaven sent 
We keep on going on and on cause 
this is where we both belong… 
Yes I love to be loved by you


hari ni rasa nk jiwang-jiwang pulak..ehehe, aku suka sangat layan lagu ni...romantik sangat..ehehe
:: i l o v e t o b e l o v e d b y y o u ::  

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